A Chipped Tooth Needs Professional Treatment from a Dentist

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There are several bad habits that can increase your child’s chances of suffering a chipped or fractured tooth. This could involve nervously nibbling on utensils, using their teeth to open packaging, or failing to wear a mouth guard during rigorous athletics.

If the chipped tooth doesn’t cause pain or sensitivity, you should still have it examined by an experienced dentist like Dr. Amber N. Wright. Without professional attention, minute bacterial deposits could build up in the textures of the tooth enamel promoting a new cavity in your child’s smile.

The severity of the damage to the tooth’s enamel layer and any potential signs of tooth decay, will determine the method she recommend for repairing the chipped tooth. If the damage to the tooth enamel is minimal, Dr. Amber N. Wright might be able to repair it with a simple dental filling. A more significant dental fracture might require Dr. Amber N. Wright to treat the tooth with a dental crown. If the damage extends deep into the pulp or root of the tooth, she might also recommend a root canal.

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