How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay in Your Child

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Did you know that tooth decay can afflict your infant? Baby bottle tooth decay has been growing in pre-school age children, and the culprit is prolonged exposure to the harmful effects of sugar. How does this happen? When baby bottles are filled with sugar and given to your child for long periods, the sugar will harm their developing chompers.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to help prevent decay from contaminating your child’s smile.

1- Knowing that your child’s teeth are in their mouths before you can even see them will help you to make their gum health a priority. This means cleaning their gums with a clean, wet cloth or gauze after a meal is good for them.

2- Your child’s first tooth can appear around 6 months or so. Once it erupts, you need to start brushing their little chomper and the gums gently with a baby-sized toothbrush. Add a rice-sized amount of a pediatric-approved toothpaste, and clean their mouth both morning and night.

3- Don’t put sports drinks, sugar water, honey-filled liquids, sugary juices, and particularly soft drinks into their bottle. You can help protect their developing chompers by sticking to breast milk, formula, cow’s milk or water.

4- To lessen the risk of bacterial contamination invading their smiles, don’t let them share eating utensils, toys, pacifiers, baby bottles, or even cleanings tools–such as a toothbrush–with anyone.

5- Bedtime is not the time to drink up. When they go to bed, don’t let them have a baby bottle unless it has water in it.

Dr. Amber N. Wright at Smile Wright Dental is here to help your child develop a healthy smile right from the start. If you suspect that your baby is at risk for baby bottle tooth decay, please reach out to our pediatric office in Springfield, Ohio, by calling 937-322-5437. We care about your child’s smile!