Crown Your Child’s Oral Health with Dental Crowns

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Did you know that dental crowns can be used on children’s teeth? There are numerous situations where an oral crown could be the best option for a child. We’ve amassed this data on when that could be the case; please tell us as soon as possible if you feel that your child could be helped from being installed with a dental crown.

It’s no secret that kids like candy and sugary drinks, but regrettably those things can leave children with massive cavities. Dental crowns can be used for children with cavities so severe they’re unable to be filled. Another use of dental crowns for children is to guard children who are at risk for tooth decay and periodontal disease, like children with diabetes or children who don’t practice good dental hygiene habits. Finally, dental crowns might be able to replace the use of anesthetic procedures for children who do not meet the requirements for such treatments.

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