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As a parent, you have quite a lot on your plate. One of those tasks is figuring out when to take your kids to the dentist for the first time. That raises the question of what age you should start teaching your kids about the importance of oral health.

There are a lot of different opinions out there, so today we wanted to give ours. These are the facts we know about pediatric dentistry and how they can help your kids.

When do I bring my kids in?
Most any dentist will recommend that your kids see a dentist either when they get their first tooth, or on their first birthday. You need to schedule an appointment after either event happens, and no later than the first birthday.

Why do they need pediatric dentistry?
This is a question that Dr. Amber N. Wright receives quite often. The short answer is that dentists who work only with kids are trained in specifically handling younger kids during their formative years. The dentist’s office is a place that can easily make kids nervous. A pediatric dentist knows how to make it a place kids won’t fear, helping them have better oral health in the long run.

Why so early?
The reason you want to bring kids into the dentist early is to help them establish good oral health habits. On top of keeping their teeth healthy, this will save you money by not needing to fill cavities as they grow older.

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