Does your child have a persistent habit of thumb sucking or tongue thrusting? If so, we invite you to visit Smile Wright Dental so that our dentists can examine your child’s mouth for any developing issues. Depending on the severity of your child’s habit, we may suggest that you try a habit appliance in Springfield, Ohio, to protect your child’s teeth.

Many children develop habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting at a young age. These habits usually disappear as your child gets older and, in most cases, are little cause for concern. However, aggressive or long-term habits can push your child’s teeth out of alignment over time, resulting in future dental and orthodontic work.

Our dentists can provide a habit appliance to place against your child’s teeth to discourage these habits and reduce the risk of the teeth shifting out of proper position. You can receive a habit appliance by visiting Smile Wright Dental to meet with our dentists. Dr. Wright can also provide you with information on how to clean the appliance and encourage your child to cease harmful habits.

For more information about habit appliances and how you can protect your child’s smile, we invite you to contact us at 937-322-5437 or consult one of our dental professionals at your next visit to our office.