Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Scheduling and Registration

Dr. Amber and her team look forward to caring for your child and are grateful for this opportunity. To schedule his/her appointment, please call our office directly. A front office team member will record your child’s basic information and will ask the reason for this appointment, in order to allow sufficient treatment time and to be thoroughly prepared for your child’s arrival. Please disclose any significant medical history data or changes at this time.

Please plan to arrive to your child’s appointment TEN MINUTES PRIOR, FIFTEEN MINUTES PRIOR if your child is a new patient or if you have more than one child to be seen by the dentist. At every visit, you will be asked to present your IDENTIFICATION CARD and DENTAL INSURANCE CARDS, and we will verify your address and phone number. While this may seem like a tedious inconvenience, often insurance companies make slight changes to your coverage that are important for us to know. Please be prepared to present this information to the receptionist upon checking in for your appointment so we can assist you in maximizing your dental benefits. If all documents and insurance information are not available when you arrive, your child’s appointment may be cancelled or you may be asked to pay out of pocket for the appointment and personally contact your insurance for any reimbursements they may provide you.

Fees and Co-Pays

It is very important to Dr. Amber and her Smile Wright Dental team to keep fees as affordable as possible for our patients’ families. For this reason, we do NO BILLING and NO PAYMENT PLANS. To better serve our patients, Smile Wright Dental participates with several insurance plans. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to verify which services are covered at our office. At each visit we will ask for a copy of your insurance card. Using this information, we will file a claim with your insurance company for the services provided in our office. We require that any co-payment you have be made at the time of service; it will be collected before your child’s appointment. Any fees not covered by insurance during your child’s visit will be your responsibility, and payment in full will be due before the appointment starts. For your convenience, we accept cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express Card, and we also offer Care Credit financing. We will accept NO PERSONAL CHECKS. All quotes given at Smile Wright Dental are an estimate of finances due. After the claim is processed from insurance, we will either contact you regarding the remaining balance or refund you if necessary. Any family’s remaining balance must be paid prior to any future appointments.

Late and Missed Appointments

Dr. Amber and her team strive to treat our patients’ families with superior care and the utmost respect. For these reasons, we require that you notify Smile Wright Dental 48 BUSINESS HOURS in advance if you need to make a change to an existing appointment. We do realize that last-minute circumstances may occur. Please extend courtesy to us and our other patients by giving Smile Wright Dental as much advance notice as possible of any needed appointment changes, so that we can adjust our schedules accordingly. Not giving adequate notice may result in family members not being able to be scheduled together on the same day, the family being seen on a “walk-in only” basis (see definition below), or the family’s dismissal from both Smile Wright Dental locations.

A $25 FEE PER PATIENT for late (more than ten minutes) and missed appointment times will be charged. A pattern of missed appointments without adequate notice may result in your family being placed on “walk-in only” status (see definition below) or their dismissal from both Smile Wright Dental locations.

If your child is a NEW PATIENT and he/she misses his/her first scheduled appointment without prior notification or significant extenuating circumstances, he/she will likely not be reappointed at either of the Smile Wright Dental offices for future appointments.

“Walk-In Only” Status

When a family is placed on “walk-in only” status, they can show up before 12:00PM on any given day that Smile Wright Dental is open. If an opening in the schedule becomes available, the patient that “walked-in” will be given an appointment. However, all regularly scheduled patients will be seen first and there is no guarantee that a “walk-in” will be able to be seen that day. If the patient is able to be seen, there are often long wait times in the lobby prior. This absolutely is not an ideal scenario for Smile Wright Dental nor the family “walking-in.”