About Us

Gentle dental care for children

We offer the best in gentle dentistry. Our staff provides comfort and care to every patient.

Our Mission

At Smile Wright Dental, our mission is to provide the best dental care for your child so they can have a lifetime of a beautiful, healthy smile. We strive for every patient to feel safe and comfortable in our office so that we can build a trusting relationship that will last throughout their childhood. When you and your child visit Smile Wright Dental, you will feel secure in knowing that everything we do is for the benefit of your child’s oral health. We partner with parents to develop their children’s healthy oral care habits not just in our office, but at home, too! The best preventative dentistry comes from regular visits to our office and good oral health practices at home, and we are here to help with both. We are always happy to share tips and tricks that help children become their best when it comes to their dental health. We provide a comprehensive range of dentistry services, from hygiene exams and regular check-ups to dental crowns and bridges. We can answer any questions you might have about your child’s oral health and can refer you to other medical practitioners as needed. At Smile Wright Dental, we know our healthiest patients are our happiest patients, and since our dedicated staff works with patients exclusively, we know how to give your child an optimal dental experience. When your child is in our care, we do everything we can to make them feel safe and comfortable.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make every patient feel welcomed and comfortable while receiving the best dental care possible.

Who We Are

We are Xenia, Ohio’s premier dentistry for kids.

Our Promise

Our promise is that every patient will receive the best dental care in a relaxed and comfortable environment.