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Our Patients Make Our Practice

Our patients make our practice a fun place to work. We love watching children grow with beautiful, healthy smiles.

Our Patients Mean the World To Us!

At Smile Wright Dental, we use cutting-edge technology to perform any procedure efficiently and safely. We treat our young patients with respect and make them partners in their dental care. We practice gentle dentistry, which means providing care with compassion and as little pain as possible. When your child visits our office, we want them to feel at home, not afraid. We know that the dentist’s office can be intimidating for children, so our staff makes sure to explain everything we do throughout an appointment, so your child is never surprised by a sound or sensation they may hear or feel. When children feel respected, they give us trust in return, and that helps us build a positive relationship with all of our patients for their entire childhood and beyond. For children who experience nervousness related to dental treatments, we offer in-office sedation with nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, to help them feel relaxed. For patients who have extreme anxiety, we can provide oral sedation. We want our young patients to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible and will work with you and your child to make sure that happens. Gentle dentistry can look different for each patient. Some may be afraid of the sound of a drill, so we’ll explain how the drill works before we use it. Some may be afraid of the pain they might feel, so we can offer numbing topical gel to minimize sensation.


We answer our patients most-asked questions.

Financing and Insurance

We accept all dental insurances and offer financing options for all patients.

Policies and Procedures

We have policies and procedures in place to keep our patients safe.